How to choose the best transport company?

There are a few things that everyone needs to know before choosing a company to transport his/her vehicle.

The most important thing is to choose a company with good ratings.  If a company provides good service constantly, then most customers write good reviews.  Most customers write reviews when they receive bad service warn others about that specific company.

Another thing is to make sure to get an all inclusive quote from a transport company.  That is to ensure that your quote will not change after your vehicle gets picked up.  You also need to make sure that your vehicle is insured during transport and it is a door to door service.

It is also important to make sure that the company transporting your vehicle has enough experience transporting cars and have proper insurance.

United Auto Transport is a certificate holder on all the insurance policies for the drivers to provide more peace of mind for its customers.  Our representatives also stay in contact with our customers during transport to provide updates.

When you are ready to transport your vehicle, call United Auto Transport and receive the best service in the industry.

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Exceptional Auto Transport Company

United Auto Transport has an excellent record of delivering vehicles in the past decade.  Our extensive experience in the field has led to a high number of satisfied customers along the years. We offer nationwide and worldwide car shipping services.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable auto transport specialists offer quick, all-inclusive quote, competitive rates and personalized service, piece of mind along with door to door, fully insured service.

Nationwide auto transport

United Auto Transport transports vehicles all throughout United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  Within the 48 states, vehicles are transported in open and enclosed trucks.  Vehicles from and to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via ocean transit.


Quick, all-inclusive quote

Here, at United Auto Transport we believe that getting a quote for car shipping should be the first easy step for the entire process.  You can get a quick quote by calling our 800 number and within minutes you will receive an all-inclusive auto transport quote with a reference number.  Unlike our competitors, we give an all-inclusive quote, with no fuel surcharge or tax.  The quote you receive is good for one month, due to supply demand factor involved in the industry.

Competitive prices

UAT offers competitive rates.  Our rates are not the lowest, but our service is unbeatable.

We stay in touch with our customers throughout the entire process.  United Auto Transport is a full service car shipping company.

Personalized service

Our representatives understand that each customer’s needs and wants are different; therefore, we offer personalized service to all our customers to make sure all their auto transport needs are met.  Here, at United Auto Transport, we strive to keep the cost of transport to the minimum, in order to accommodate each individual that uses our services.

 Piece of mind

In your daily lives, there are far too many things to worry about than auto transport.  Our experienced customer care representatives understand that; therefore make sure to do everything within their abilities to make sure that our customers get the best service by offering piece of mind.  Auto transport is what we specialize in and when you trust us to provide that service for you, you get piece of mind.

Door to Door Service

When we say door to door service, we mean just that.  When you hire United Auto Transport to transport your vehicle across country, we provide door to door service.  The same driver that picks up your vehicle is the same driver that delivers it at destination and the vehicle does not get off the truck until it gets to its destination.

So don’t hesitate, call us 800-963-5505 whether you are moving to another state or overseas and   get personalized service from United Auto Transport.






UAT Understands

United Auto Transport understands that having someone transport your auto is no small matter. For most of us it is a prized possession. Handing the keys over to a complete stranger for transport across country can be stressful at times.

Our 5 Star UAT approved car carriers take great care to ensure that your car is protected from start to finish. And unlike other carriers, once your car is on our transport, it doesn’t get off until it reaches its final destination.  It is picked up at your door and delivered to your door.  The same driver that picks up the vehicle is the same driver that delivers at destination. Minimized handling means a minimum risk of problems.

Call us and get a free quote, 800-963-5505

Let one of our transport experts handle the transport of “YOUR PRIZED POSESSION”!

Snowbird Season

It is snowbird season, and a lot of snowbirds will be relocating from the northeastern states down to the southeast, mainly to Florida.

Every year, right before the temperatures start to drop in the North Eastern United States, all the snowbirds start making arrangements to move down to Florida to escape the cold weather.  For most of them it is a regular process two times a year, but for others it may be the first time.

United Auto Transport has been transporting cars for snowbirds for the past decade.

United provides door to door, fully insured auto transport services on open and enclosed trucks.  United Auto Transport is always happy to assist all the new customers that need auto transport services. Our friendly representatives always take the time to explain the auto transport process to those clients who have not done it in the past.

Don’t hesitate, simply call United Auto Transport and let our experts handle your car shipping, whether it is your first time or not.

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Back to school

It is back to school time and a lot of students will be moving out of state to go to school.  Most of them will call United Auto Transport to have their vehicle shipped by our experts.

Every year, around this time students that choose to go to school in a different state will need their cars transported.  A lot of them have done this process in the past, and for most it is a first time experience. United Auto Transport has a lot of experience dealing with people (students) who have not had their vehicles transported in the past and have a lot of questions about how it is done.

Our friendly and patient representatives spend the time to explain them how the process works.

Don’t hesitate, call United Auto Transport and let our auto transport experts take care of your car shipping!

Get an all inclusive, door to door, fully insured car shipping quote.

Choose the best auto transport company in the industry!!!   United Auto Transport!

California Car Shipping

United Auto Transport  transports vehicles within California on a regular basis.

Why drive it yourself,  if you can have a flatbed truck transport it for you from Los Angeles to San Francisco.  It is cheaper to transport it,  than to drive it yourself.  It does not take long to schedule the transport.  It is  fast and painless.  We can also transport inoperable vehicles, which will actually be less expensive than towing.

Call United Auto Transport and let our experts handle your California to California auto transport.

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Vehicle shipping VS Driving

Why drive your vehicle? add extra miles on it when you can have it shipped while relocating.

There are a few advantages in having your vehicle shipped rather than driving it when you are relocating. Having your car shipped saves you time and a lot of money on fuel, especially if it is a coast to coast, or a long distance move. Transporting also prevents adding extra miles on your vehicle that will result in more expenses such as brake change, tire wear and tear and etc.

Let United Auto Transport arrange car shipping for your vehicle whether it is coast to coast or just to a neighboring state.

Call United Auto Transport and we will take care of your car shipping needs!
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Shipping multiple vehicles

Most of the time people need transport for a single vehicle. Sometimes when it is an entire family relocating from state to state they have more than one vehicle that needs to be transported.
United Auto Transport offers discount for multiple car transport. The cars are picked up by the same driver and get transported on the same truck. Call United Auto Transport, whether you are moving a single vehicle or multiple vehicles for the entire family and our friendly representatives will help you with the process and offer discount if there is more than one vehicle being transported.

Call 800-963-5505!

Best Customer Service Company

United Auto Transport is a customer oriented auto shipping company, focusing on superior customer service. Here, at United Auto Transport, we care about our customers’ needs, and try our best to satisfy them within the best of our abilities.

Honesty is our policy! Being upfront and honest with our customers has gained the trusts of many clients who return to our company for their auto transport needs. Our satisfied customers always refer their friends, family members and colleagues because they know that we will do a great job.

Call United Auto Transport and receive the best service in the industry!

Inoperable Vehicles

United Auto Transport can transport non-operable vehicles. Please let us know in advance…. Non-running vehicles are winched on to the trucks. Usually, the best place for non-operable vehicle on the truck is behind the sleeper, where it does not need to be moved for any purpose. If your vehicle is not running, but rolls, brakes and steers, United Auto Transport can transport it. Just mention that when getting a quote!