Classic Car Transport

Classic cars have always been bought and sold in United States.  Here, at United Auto Transport we are very familiar with all the different types of classic cars that have been restored.  We have been transporting them over the years from one end of the nation to the other for the classic car collectors.  Classic, restored vehicles are transported in enclosed trucks, so that they are protected from heat and debris.  If you are buying or selling your restored classic car, trust UAT to transport it for you.

United Auto Transport hires drivers to transport classic cars that have extensive experience with classics, to make sure that the classic is handled with outmost care.

Many car collectors from different parts of the world have also been buying classic cars and shipping them.  United Auto Transport has been shipping classic cars throughout the world for many years.  For classic cars, we recommend that they are shipped in containers.

Call and talk to our classic car transport specialists today to ship your classic!



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