How Much to Ship a Car?

How much does it cost to ship a car? The best way to find out is of course to call us at 1-800-963-5505 for a live quote, but some may wonder exactly how car shipping works and what the costs are.

Car shipping can be a complicated and confusing experience. As a vehicle transport broker, United Auto Transport is dedicated to streamlining this process and make it as easy for the customer as possible.

Although many brokers do own their own trucks, most car moves are arranged through brokers with individual shipping companies. Normally trucking companies only run specific routes between predetermined cities and regions. To be able to stay in business, shipping companies must strive to always move as many cars as possible every time they depart on their route so they tend to specialize in routes that prove to be popular.

This is why some routes are cheaper than others, despite the fact that the cheaper route might actually be longer in distance (miles) than the expensive route. If the route is well traveled and popular, the cost of moving, maintaining the truck, fuel, and more is split between several cars moving towards the same destination. For specialized moves, the car going to the out of the way destination will bear the burden of higher costs.

This also allows, however, smaller trucking companies to specialize in less popular routes, but still remain profitable. By finding niche, but still traveled routes, they can make a profit by avoiding competition with larger carriers and mastering the best roads and paths to take on less popular routes. That is why working with vehicle transport brokers is beneficial both to the customer and the car shipper, as they match up those looking for particular destinations with those that actually travel it.

Every auto transport move is different and often we get the question how much does it cost to ship a car? The best way to answer this, and any other questions about auto transportation is to call us today, toll free at 1-800-963-5505!


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