Auto Car Transport

An automobile is a piece of property that most people living in United States need and own all their lives. Buying the right car for the right price is not always easy for most people. When moving from one state to another, most people transport their vehicles, rather than sell and buy a new one. That is where United Auto Transport comes in.
United Auto Transport specializes in car shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii also to overseas.
The friendly representatives at United Auto Transport realize that moving can be a stressful process, therefore do everything in their power to make the customers’ vehicle shipping a hassle free one.
United offers door to door, fully insured auto transport services. We work with our customers’ schedule to the best of our abilities. We stay in touch with our customers while the vehicle is in transit and after it gets delivered to make sure that everything went well.
We are a BBB member and strive to provide the best customer service in the car shipping industry.

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Auto car hauling transport:

United Auto Transport has been providing car shipping services for over 10 years. When you need to make a decision about which company you want to haul your vehicle, you should prefer the company that holds a lot of experience and has the most knowledge in the car hauling industry. It is not a simple process to have your car shipped from point A to point B, whether it is a short distance move, long distance or overseas.

Our knowledgeable and very professional staff at United Auto Transport can make this process very easy for you and let you worry about anything, but your car transport. Some people prefer a car shipping company offering services cheap, that have no reputation on BBB and not enough experience. Keep in mind, that great reputation and lots of experience is what makes a company trustworthy.

United Auto Transport has both, a great reputation and many-many years of experience in the car hauling industry.
Trust UAT with your prized possession!
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