Convertible Car Transport

Convertible cars are very popular these days and many people enjoy driving them.  Some convertibles are hard top and some are soft top.  When it comes to transporting convertible cars, depending on the customers’ needs they can be transported on open or enclosed trucks.

Hard top convertibles can go on either open or enclosed trucks.  If it is a luxury convertible or a classic convertible we would definitely recommend enclosed transport.

As for soft top convertibles, they also can be transported on both open and enclosed trucks.  If they are transported on open trucks, they need to be loaded on the top ramp.

No matter what kind of convertible car you have, United Auto Transport will transport it for you.  Our knowledgeable staff will give you the different options that you can choose from.

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That is the motto for United Auto Transport.  United Auto Transport is celebrating 10 successful years in the auto transport industry.

United offers nationwide car transport as well as international car shipping.  Nationwide auto transport is on open and enclosed trucks, and the international shipping is roll-on roll off and container services.

Being reliable and trustworthy has earned the company a good reputation over the years.  United Auto Transport has a good reputation for safe and on-time delivery of vehicles.  We proudly provide door to door, fully insured auto transport nationwide, including to and from Alaska and Hawaii.

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Insured Auto Transport

Is my car insured while it is being transported?

This is one important question that anyone who is thinking of transporting a vehicle should ask the transport company.
United Auto Transport offers door to door, fully insured car transport services.
The FMCSA requires that each transport truck have liability and cargo insurance to cover damages that may occur during transport. The insurance only covers the vehicle only, not anything that may be in the vehicle. United Auto Transport strongly recommends that the vehicle not have any items inside the car that might damage the interior and also attract vandalism.
Ask one of our friendly representatives about insurance coverage when getting a quote!