Vehicle Transport

When it comes to finding the right company to transport your vehicle knowing exactly what you are shipping and how best to ship it is a good way to start. There are two main types of vehicle transport: open vehicle transport and enclosed vehicle transport. Knowing the difference between the two will help you determine which method is best for your particular vehicle.

Open vehicle transport is exactly what it sounds like: open truck.  Those are the trucks that you see transporting cars for auto dealers within cities. Most vehicles are shipped on open trucks, where they are exposed to the elements on the road the same way they are while driving.  Open vehicle transport is the most common form of transport because the cost is more affordable to the average person.

We recommend open vehicle transport for any type of car that is driven on a regular basis.  Transporting your average everyday car is less costly to transport, than driving it across country.  Transporting avoids the excess miles and the excess wear and tear.

Enclosed vehicle transport is a type of vehicle transport where the vehicle is shipped in an enclosed truck.    Enclosed vehicle transport protects vehicles from all the elements, but at a much higher cost.

All the high end cars, classic restored cars, exotic cars, sports cars, race cars and motorcycles are transported in enclosed trucks.  Enclosed trucks are covered, so that they protect the very expensive cars from heat and other elements on the road.  Repairing and painting exotic cars are far more expensive than the average cars, therefore here at United Auto Transport we strongly recommend transporting those types of cars in enclosed trucks.

Most sports cars and race cars have low clearance from the ground therefore they also need to be transported in enclosed trucks.  Motorcycles also need to be secured a certain way inside trucks, so they also need to be transported in enclosed trucks.

Call United Auto Transport and get a quote to transport your vehicle in an open or enclosed truck.  Our knowledgeable staff will help you make a decision on which form of transport is needed for your specific vehicle.


Convertible Car Transport

Convertible cars are very popular these days and many people enjoy driving them.  Some convertibles are hard top and some are soft top.  When it comes to transporting convertible cars, depending on the customers’ needs they can be transported on open or enclosed trucks.

Hard top convertibles can go on either open or enclosed trucks.  If it is a luxury convertible or a classic convertible we would definitely recommend enclosed transport.

As for soft top convertibles, they also can be transported on both open and enclosed trucks.  If they are transported on open trucks, they need to be loaded on the top ramp.

No matter what kind of convertible car you have, United Auto Transport will transport it for you.  Our knowledgeable staff will give you the different options that you can choose from.

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