Back to school

It is back to school time and a lot of students will be moving out of state to go to school.  Most of them will call United Auto Transport to have their vehicle shipped by our experts.

Every year, around this time students that choose to go to school in a different state will need their cars transported.  A lot of them have done this process in the past, and for most it is a first time experience. United Auto Transport has a lot of experience dealing with people (students) who have not had their vehicles transported in the past and have a lot of questions about how it is done.

Our friendly and patient representatives spend the time to explain them how the process works.

Don’t hesitate, call United Auto Transport and let our auto transport experts take care of your car shipping!

Get an all inclusive, door to door, fully insured car shipping quote.

Choose the best auto transport company in the industry!!!   United Auto Transport!