How to choose the best transport company?

There are a few things that everyone needs to know before choosing a company to transport his/her vehicle.

The most important thing is to choose a company with good ratings.  If a company provides good service constantly, then most customers write good reviews.  Most customers write reviews when they receive bad service warn others about that specific company.

Another thing is to make sure to get an all inclusive quote from a transport company.  That is to ensure that your quote will not change after your vehicle gets picked up.  You also need to make sure that your vehicle is insured during transport and it is a door to door service.

It is also important to make sure that the company transporting your vehicle has enough experience transporting cars and have proper insurance.

United Auto Transport is a certificate holder on all the insurance policies for the drivers to provide more peace of mind for its customers.  Our representatives also stay in contact with our customers during transport to provide updates.

When you are ready to transport your vehicle, call United Auto Transport and receive the best service in the industry.

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Falling Economy Forces People to Relocate

During the past few years, the consistent fall of economy has forced many people to relocate.  Some people have moved because they were forced to sell their houses, or lost them for that matter, and others just found better deals in other states.  Some have moved because their companies have moved to different states or were laid off and had to look for a job in other states.

Regardless of the reason for moving, most people need their cars transported.  When they call Untied Auto Transport, our customer care representatives always ask when the customer is leaving, in order to better schedule the pick-up of the vehicle.

If you are amongst the many that are moving as a result of falling economy, don’t hesitate.  Call the best company in the industry that understands your needs.

Call United Auto Transport and have your car transported with no hassles.


Nationwide Auto Transport

United Auto Transport has been providing auto transport services over the past 10 years.  Whether it is a short distance, in-state move, or across the country, UAT has done it over and over.

Our transport experts can help you transport your vehicle(s) safely and in a timely manner.  Our friendly representatives will advice the best transport method for your specific vehicle.  If it is your average, everyday vehicle, we will advice on open transport.  If you have a luxury or a sports car, we will definitely recommend enclosed transport.

Keep in mind that the quote you receive from us will be all inclusive quote, with no hidden charges.

Call us, 800-963-5505 and let us know what you need transported, and you will get the best advice to fit your needs.

Why choose United Auto Transport?

There are more important things in our daily lives to worry about than auto transport. Moving from one state to another can be stressful, since it is an entire house hold furniture and other small belongings that have to be moved.  Vehicle shipping can be easier if you choose the right company.

Why do so many people who are moving trust United Auto Transport to move their prized possession, their vehicle?

The reason most people trust United Auto Transport to take care of their car shipping is because United Auto Transport offers peace of mind.  From the moment they contact one of our representatives, they are in good hands.  Our experienced, honest and knowledgeable customer care agents take the time to understand the customers’ needs and offer peace of mind.  They try to accommodate the customers’ needs to the best of their abilities.

Another reason to trust United Auto Transport is due to the fact that we are licensed and all the drivers are insured.   It is important that the vehicles are insured during transport.  Federal law requires that all transport trucks have insurance.  Some transport companies charge extra for insurance, something that should be included in the first place.  Some other companies supposedly give discount to wave insurance and the customer’s insurance company is responsible for any damages if they occur during transport.

United Auto Transport is different in that sense, where our quotes are fully inclusive.  We follow Federal regulations and work with car carriers that are fully insured.  United Auto Transport is also certificate holder for each carrier, to ensure extra piece of mind for our customers.

Be amongst the thousands of customers that trust United Auto Transport to take care of their car shipping needs.

Call United Auto Transport and receive the best customer care!


United Auto Transport

From local to international, United Auto Transport covers it all. We are committed to providing our customers with friendly and thorough auto transport.

Our service includes no cost cancellation, 24 hour shipping delivery, fully insured and bonded transport, and enclosed carrier services upon request. As members of the Better Business Bureau, we are committed to quality care of you and your vehicle.

Our door to door service is just a personal touch! Why drop off your vehicle at a terminal where additional fees are incurred, time is lost in your move and the uncertainty of pick up time can stress you out when we can come to you? If your street does not allow our truck entrance, we can arrange a place for you to meet with our car transport drivers at a nearby location.

Our quotes are all inclusive! Yes! That means you don’t have to worry about fuel surcharge, insurance costs, or loading and unloading fees. We are able to do the math for you! For international and transport, please let our quotes department know the value of your vehicle so that we may calculate insurance into your quote. It is important to know that your vehicle is safe, and covered for damage.

Our friendly customer service representatives are here to help you, so please, ask questions! We have the answers. We can tell you about scheduling, contract issues, licensing, insurance, and give you a feel for the representatives you are working with.

We know our customers! Every transport has a different situation, and if you tell your representative what your circumstances are, they can help accommodate your needs. Our goal is providing you with friendly, fast, and safe service.

Do not be concerned if you cannot find a United Auto Transport in your local area. We have routs through every state and are open 7-6 Pacific Standard Time Monday through Friday for your convenience. Your transport does not stop on the weekends.

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Shipping multiple vehicles

Most of the time people need transport for a single vehicle. Sometimes when it is an entire family relocating from state to state they have more than one vehicle that needs to be transported.
United Auto Transport offers discount for multiple car transport. The cars are picked up by the same driver and get transported on the same truck. Call United Auto Transport, whether you are moving a single vehicle or multiple vehicles for the entire family and our friendly representatives will help you with the process and offer discount if there is more than one vehicle being transported.

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Best Customer Service Company

United Auto Transport is a customer oriented auto shipping company, focusing on superior customer service. Here, at United Auto Transport, we care about our customers’ needs, and try our best to satisfy them within the best of our abilities.

Honesty is our policy! Being upfront and honest with our customers has gained the trusts of many clients who return to our company for their auto transport needs. Our satisfied customers always refer their friends, family members and colleagues because they know that we will do a great job.

Call United Auto Transport and receive the best service in the industry!

Hybrid Cars

A hybrid car is a passenger vehicle that has a hybrid engine, which is any engine that combines two or more sources of power, generally gasoline and electricity. There are two types of gasoline-electric hybrid cars; the parallel hybrid, and the series hybrid. Both use gasoline-electric hybrid technology, but in radically different ways.

In a parallel hybrid car, a gasoline engine and an electric motor work together to move the car forward, while in a series hybrid, the gasoline engine either directly powers an electric motor that powers the vehicle, or charges batteries that will power the motor. Both types of hybrids also use a process called regenerative braking to store the kinetic energy generated by brake use in the batteries, which will in turn power the electric motor.

Both parallel and series hybrids have small gasoline engines, and produce much less pollution than standard gasoline cars, but also produce much less power. Hybrids generally produce between 60-90 horsepower, while the average gasoline engine probably produces about double that. To overcome this power gap, hybrid cars are constructed with ultra lightweight materials like carbon fiber or aluminum. Hybrid cars are also designed to be more aerodynamic than most cars, allowing them to “slice” through air instead of pushing it out of the way. All these factors combined equate to a super efficient form of car that gets excellent fuel economy and helps the environment by cutting down on pollution.

Hybrid cars, like the Toyota Prius produce 90% less pollutants than comparable non-hybrid cars. The United States government supports hybrid car ownership by allowing a tax write off. In 2005 the rebate was as high as $5000.
While it is true that hybrid cars do have expensive parts, they also have warranties that provide free replacement of the most expensive parts for many years.
Hybrid cars show much lower depreciation rates than standard gasoline cars. They are now and will continue to be in extremely high demand, so hybrid cars keep their values very well, making a hybrid car a sound investment.
Though hybrid cars have not been on the US market for very long, they have been sold in Japan since 1997. Some consumers worry that hybrid cars may not last as long as other cars, but it is not abnormal for a hybrid car to run like new when it has 250,000 miles on it. The best part – hybrid cars don’t require any more maintenance than gasoline cars.
Hybrid cars aren’t a fad. Nearly every major automobile manufacturer has announced either the launch of a hybrid car or plans for a launch.

United Auto Transport has been transporting Hybrid cars for its customers over the years.

Call United Auto Transport, and let our friendly and knowledgeable staff handle the transport of your Hybrid. 800-963-5505

Inoperable Vehicles

United Auto Transport can transport non-operable vehicles. Please let us know in advance…. Non-running vehicles are winched on to the trucks. Usually, the best place for non-operable vehicle on the truck is behind the sleeper, where it does not need to be moved for any purpose. If your vehicle is not running, but rolls, brakes and steers, United Auto Transport can transport it. Just mention that when getting a quote!

Auto car hauling transport:

United Auto Transport has been providing car shipping services for over 10 years. When you need to make a decision about which company you want to haul your vehicle, you should prefer the company that holds a lot of experience and has the most knowledge in the car hauling industry. It is not a simple process to have your car shipped from point A to point B, whether it is a short distance move, long distance or overseas.

Our knowledgeable and very professional staff at United Auto Transport can make this process very easy for you and let you worry about anything, but your car transport. Some people prefer a car shipping company offering services cheap, that have no reputation on BBB and not enough experience. Keep in mind, that great reputation and lots of experience is what makes a company trustworthy.

United Auto Transport has both, a great reputation and many-many years of experience in the car hauling industry.
Trust UAT with your prized possession!
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