Exceptional Auto Transport Company

United Auto Transport has an excellent record of delivering vehicles in the past decade.  Our extensive experience in the field has led to a high number of satisfied customers along the years. We offer nationwide and worldwide car shipping services.  Our highly experienced and knowledgeable auto transport specialists offer quick, all-inclusive quote, competitive rates and personalized service, piece of mind along with door to door, fully insured service.

Nationwide auto transport

United Auto Transport transports vehicles all throughout United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  Within the 48 states, vehicles are transported in open and enclosed trucks.  Vehicles from and to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via ocean transit.


Quick, all-inclusive quote

Here, at United Auto Transport we believe that getting a quote for car shipping should be the first easy step for the entire process.  You can get a quick quote by calling our 800 number and within minutes you will receive an all-inclusive auto transport quote with a reference number.  Unlike our competitors, we give an all-inclusive quote, with no fuel surcharge or tax.  The quote you receive is good for one month, due to supply demand factor involved in the industry.

Competitive prices

UAT offers competitive rates.  Our rates are not the lowest, but our service is unbeatable.

We stay in touch with our customers throughout the entire process.  United Auto Transport is a full service car shipping company.

Personalized service

Our representatives understand that each customer’s needs and wants are different; therefore, we offer personalized service to all our customers to make sure all their auto transport needs are met.  Here, at United Auto Transport, we strive to keep the cost of transport to the minimum, in order to accommodate each individual that uses our services.

 Piece of mind

In your daily lives, there are far too many things to worry about than auto transport.  Our experienced customer care representatives understand that; therefore make sure to do everything within their abilities to make sure that our customers get the best service by offering piece of mind.  Auto transport is what we specialize in and when you trust us to provide that service for you, you get piece of mind.

Door to Door Service

When we say door to door service, we mean just that.  When you hire United Auto Transport to transport your vehicle across country, we provide door to door service.  The same driver that picks up your vehicle is the same driver that delivers it at destination and the vehicle does not get off the truck until it gets to its destination.

So don’t hesitate, call us 800-963-5505 whether you are moving to another state or overseas and   get personalized service from United Auto Transport.