Auto Transport Tips and Advice

What is a bill of lading?

A bill of lading certifies the receiving and delivery of a vehicle (or other cargo) and the condition in which it was received and delivered. It should be verified and signed at both the point of pickup and delivery.

Here’s a quote from Wikipedia’s Bill of Lading article.

It is evidence that a valid contract of carriage exists and it incorporates the full terms of the contract between the consignor and the carrier by reference (i.e. the short form simply refers to the main contract as an existing document, whereas the long form of a bill of lading (connaissement intégral) issued by the carrier sets out all the terms of the contract of carriage);

It is a receipt signed by the carrier confirming whether goods matching the contract description have been received in good condition (a bill will be described as clean if the goods have been received on board in apparent good condition and stowed ready for transport); and

It is also a document of transfer, but not a negotiable instrument, i.e. it governs all the legal aspects of physical carriage but, unlike a cheque or other negotiable instrument, it does not affect ownership of the goods actually being carried. This matches everyday experience in that the contract a person might make with a commercial carrier like FedEx is separate from any contract for the sale of the goods to be carried.

Transporting Your Car Versus Driving It Yourself

There are several distinct advantages of having your car transported, versus driving it yourself:

Having your car transported relieves you of the stress of having to keep your mind on the road at all times. It relieves you of the physical discomfort of having to sit in the car hours on end during however many days are required to get to the final destination. Then there are the necessary costs for gas fill-ups, toll booths, dining, and searches for adequate motel accommodations.

Having your car transported avoids the wear and tear of the car caused by untoward weather as well as road conditions.handyhülle mit band tragen

Driving the car be yourself may require that you upset your daily home life as well as your job routines for at least a couple of days. This may also require upsetting the daily routines of a family member or a friend should you need someone to accompany you during the trip, to share in the driving. This can translate into costs for gas, meals, and motel accommodations for the duration of the travel, not to mention the cost of plane or bus fares back from the final destination to the point of origin.

When you consider the advantages cited above, you should be encouraged to solicit a quotation from United Auto Transport for handling your vehicle transport needs. You might be surprised to find out that,on the basis of costs alone, it may be the more profitable alternative for you to take.

Why are some cars easier to move than others?

Some moves take longer and are more expensive than others. This is because there are certain routes of auto transportation that are more common than others. For example, one of the most common and popular routes is from California to Florida, which results in a large number of truckers driving that route constantly which makes that move less expensive and faster to move.

If a certain route is not as common due to the origin and the destination of the vehicle and the number of vehicles being moved to and from that location annually, it may take longer for a driver to be dispatched to that location. Other considerations that affect the time of transport include whether or not your vehicle is located near a major freeway or is headed to an international port or Canada.

Advantages of Enclosed Transport

The main advantage of covered transport is to ensure that the vehicle being transported arrives at the prescribed destination in the same pristine condition that it left the point of origin.. While in regular transport (uncovered), the vehicle is securely anchored to the transporting truck. In this way it is not subject to movement and bumps during transport, the vehicle however may be exposed to various environmental conditions as well as road phenomena, that are beyond the control of the transport driver.

Under an open transportation scenario, the transported vehicle may become subject to weather changes, such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail at some point during the trip to the ultimate destination. In uncovered transport, the vehicle might also be subject to less frequent, but nevertheless, possible other weather phenomena such as dust storms.

Other uncontrollable mishaps than can occur during transport are pebbles and gravel that are flung from the tires of passing traffic. These, along with the unfavorable weather conditions mentioned earlier, can cause defects and imperfections body paint, windshield, and windows of the vehicle. This could be of great concern to the owner of the vehicle being transported, particularly if the vehicle happens to be a new high end import car or an expensive sports car. Enclosed transport relieves the owner of this concern. The price differential between covered and uncovered transport is such that it is worthwhile for the owner of the vehicle to discuss this matter with United Auto Transport.

If the pristine condition of the vehicle is of utmost importance to the owner, United Auto Transport strongly recommends the enclosed transport option. It has proven to be the better option to many of our customers, especially those with expensive or show cars requiring transportation.

Protecting your car during transport

Many people regard their cars as one of their most valuable possessions. Choosing a car carrier to move your car with is therefore extremely important. What about after your car is ready for transport however?

Although cars are loaded on specialized automobile carriers behind the truck, they may sometimes suffer some of the same wear and tear experienced by everyday driving. This may include things such as dirt accumulating on the vehicle as well as rock chips and other minor road hazards. Also vandalism may occur if valuble objects are visible within the interior of the car, which is why we recommend keeping the car’s interior clean and removing all unnecessary objects.

Our experienced and fully insured drivers are fully aware of the best ways to avoid these hazards and deliver your car in the same condition as it was loaded. This may not be enough for some however, and one of the most complete ways to protect your prized possession against these possible hazards is to request enclosed auto transport, where your car is shipped in an enclosed carrier and protected from the elements. For some the extra cost involved with requesting an enclosed transport is worth the peace of mind of the safest delivery possible.

Where does United Auto Transport ship?

UAT ships throughout the United States and Internationally. See our About Car Shipping States and International Auto Transport destinations pages for more information!